Is my defective product a warranty case or a "Customer Induced Damage (CID)"?

CID (Customer Induced Damage) refers to all cases in which a customer has damaged an item himself/herself through improper use. Such cases are not covered by the warranty. Unfortunately, a warranty claim can no longer be asserted. It does not matter whether the damage is responsible for the actual defect of the product or has no influence on it.

Here is a selection of possible warranty exclusion reasons:
  • Mechanical damage (breakage)
  • Drop damage
  • Water and moisture damage
  • Electronic or mechanical modifications
  • Removed serial numbers
  • Crushed CPU socket pins
  • Burnt chips and components
  • Missing chips and components
  • Severed / damaged circuit traces
  • Opened warranty seals ("Waranty void if seal is broken" or similar)
  • Marked covers
  • Normal wear and tear of the product
  • ...
If a CID is present, the manufacturer strictly refuses warranty services.  bitelec GmbH must immediately identify and reject such cases. If such products were to reach the manufacturer, the latter would charge for its expenses. We, for our part, would be forced to charge this to the party who caused the damage. Therefore, our employees are trained to recognise and document CIDs as soon as they receive the goods. Should a CID be overlooked by us, we will charge for a possible replacement, if this has already been done.
We thank you for your understanding.